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Best Gaming Chairs Under $150 – Shop Gaming Chairs under $150 without a Hassle

The competition among cheap gaming chairs is surely bone-cracking out there. I mean, there are the cheapest $50 chairs in the market, then comes a wide range of $100-$200 chairs with almost similar properties and build quality.

Gaming chair under 150

However, in my experience, within this affordable gaming chair range, $150 gaming chairs are worth the money. And truthfully, you mostly get decent ergonomic chairs within this price tag. So, what are the best gaming chairs under $150? I have listed some of the big guns of the market which definitely won’t ruin your investment.

So, let’s jump together to see where these products fit in your gaming setup.

In a Time Crunch? Get a Best Gaming Chair Under $150 within 2 Minute

I perfectly know in this fast-moving world, no one has time to go into long details to make their decisions rightly. So, here is the summary to choose top-notch gaming chairs under $150 without diving into long details.

  • Great practicality
  • Premium Feel
  • A great fusion of aesthetics and comfort

Well, well, well, I am declaring our royal highness of gaming chairs, the Shahoo Gaming Chair, as our $150 best gaming chair champion. Now, bear in mind, it might not pamper you with a massage or serenade you with Bluetooth speakers. It’s more of a strong, silent type. This isn’t your feature-frenzied lair, but a reliable throne for your gaming adventures.

But talk about practicality! It’s got this fantastic blend of “not gonna break in a week ” build quality and “my butt thanks you” comfort. But it only restricts to 300lbs weight limit. This isn’t bad at all but why compromise when we have a chair in this category that can clock 400lbs?

  • Humongous weight capacity – 400Lbs
  • Sound build Quality
  • Decent Ergonomics for much needed comfort

Meet our runner-up or second best contender for gaming chair under 150. With the same great quality parameters and a slightly narrow reclining range, it’s a big boys’ thing, featuring 400lbs in this budget chair category. Definitely a never-heard feature in this category.

Apart from all these, you can pick other gaming chairs too according to your preferences.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $150 in 2024 – Shop Gaming Chairs under $150 without a Hassle

Surely, budget gaming chairs aren’t digestible for some serious and professional gamers. But what about those who are really tighter on budget? Majority gamers might prefer higher-end chairs with additional features and premium materials. But only a higher price tag isn’t the reason behind comfort and looks. So, for those on a tighter budget, I found $150 gaming chairs that offer a good balance of affordability and functionality.

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1. Shahoo Gaming Chair – Overall Best Gaming Chair under $150

1st Editor's Choice
Shahoo Gaming Chair

The Best Selling Points of Shahoo Gaming Chair:

  • Excellent Premium Feel: The Overall feel is superbly premium among all the gaming chairs under $150 I have reviewed so far. The Shine, build quality, and finishing all look premium.
  • Good Weight Capacity: Thank God it’s not a 250lbs club member. It manages the 300lbs weight quite nicely.
  • Decent Ergonomics: Good seat height adjustability range, nice cushioning, and footrest option; it’s a respected ergonomic chair under 150

Who’s it For: For aesthetics Conscious minds, looking to buy as a gift for loved ones, inexpensive premium

Why Do We Choose This: Actually, When it comes to features, I don’t exactly see a ‘dazzling fireworks show’ in this price range. But that’s not where the magic lies, oh no. The spell is in the ‘thaaatt’ premium feel and build quality that will twinkle with your gaming room aesthetics like a supernova in a starry sky. The shiny leather, thick padding, and premium look materials not only catches the eyes but also provide great endurance against long hour uses. But let’s talk about it also, it’s also a big buddy with 300lbs weight capacity.

Who Should Avoid It: Most ergonomic setup,

Design and Comfort:

In the grand scheme of life, finding the perfect chair might not be at the top of everyone’s list, but let me tell you, when you discover the one that’s just right, it’s akin to winning the lottery. For me, honestly, this chair in question was no mere furniture.

But then, No, it was more than that – a celebration of design and comfort. I “Actually” took its premium feel more seriously. It sported a premium look that could coax a sly grin from even the most seasoned minimalist.

And what struck me was the resilience of the materials used. They valiantly fought against the usual wear and tear that comes with marathon sitting sessions, and emerged victorious every time.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show, the seat padding. At over 4 inches, it was like sitting on a cloud – a very stylish, leather-clad cloud. Its consistency remained impressively uniform, resisting the dreaded ‘brick-feel’ even after hours of use. Most cheap chairs feel like this!

The chair is great for taller folks but might not be as spacious for those with a bigger build. Regardless, it’s comfy for anyone looking to relax or sit for moderate periods. The softness of the materials makes sitting in it an enjoyable experience rather than just a routine task.

Ergonomics and Practicality:

Moving on to adjustability and practicality, this chair was no Einstein. I mean, it didn’t reinvent the chair, or bring forth any out-of-the-box ideas, but it did what it was supposed to do well. But out of this whole ergonomic setup, the recline functionality was a highlight. With a range from a straight-backed 90 degrees to a relaxed 160, it was adaptable for everything from focused study sessions to laid-back movie marathons.

The adjustable neck and lumbar cushions similarly supported my other body parts like Captain America. Perfectly sized, balanced softness, and nice positioning!

However, like every hero with their tragic flaw, this chair’s Achilles’ heel was its armrests. The lack of adjustability was a letdown like a whole $150 gaming chair category – a pair of 2D adjustable armrests would have been the cherry on top.

Yet, despite this slight hiccup, the chair held its own in the realm of practicality. It may not have shattered expectations, but it served its purpose with grace and, most importantly, comfort.

In summary, this chair offers a good balance of design, comfort, and practicality. While it may not be the most groundbreaking in terms of innovation, it is a sturdy and reliable choice for anyone seeking a comfortable place to sit. Ultimately, isn’t that what we all want in a chair?

  • Highly premium feel and build quality
  • Decent ergonomics and adjust-ability section
  • Carries 300lbs of weight limit
  • Good seat thickness makes sittings extremely comfortable
  • Decent size and seat height adjustment for Tall lads
  • Armrests are fixed

Alternatives to Shahoo Gaming Chair:

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Speakers

  • Fullest 180-degree recline
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Bluetooth speaker at head section for Entertainment led comfort

To counter the Shahoo Gaming chair, we have a legend in the field. The GTRacing gaming chair is slightly out of the $150 range but shows a “completeness' ' when it comes to the best gaming chair under $500. With adjustable armrests, trusted build quality, and an additional Bluetooth speaker to make gaming sessions more, it is intended for comfort and entertainment. And for weight limit, it also competes neck-to-neck with a 300lbs weight limit.

2. YSSOA with Footrest – $150 Gaming Chair with Tremendous Weight Limit

2nd Editor's Choice
YSSOA Backrest

Best Selling Points of YSSOA Gaming Chair With Footrest:

  • Absolute Stunning Weight Limit: I mean, I have no words to describe this ability in this league. the 400lbs weight limit is surely an exceptional feature.
  • Smooth Reclining: While most of this league’s chair squeak while reclining, I experienced one of the smoothest reclining with YSSOA
  • Good Aesthetics: Doesn’t feel less than a premium chair. The material’s quality is decent.

Who’s it for: Casual-intermediate gamers, students and media editors, slim-healthy individuals

Why Do We Choose This: With most resembling aesthetics to any premium 300$ chair, YSSOA is quite popular in the category of ergonomic racing gaming seats. Though it didn’t feel “That” premium, 400lbs weight capacity really raised my eyebrows as it’s an exceptional thing in this league. Apart from that, with movable lumbar support, quite flexible reclining ability, and a footrest, you don’t miss necessary ergonomics under a budget.

Who Should Avoid it: Long-hours gaming enthusiasts, looking for aggressive ergonomics

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Design and Usability

For one instance, I asked myself “isn’t it a 300$ gaming chair?” Ideally, when it comes to design and comfort, this gaming chair does not disappoint. The sporty aesthetics, decently padded cushion seat offered me excellent support for midrange sitting, ensured a comfortable seating experience. The well-padded seat feels a bit stiff in initial runs but becomes nicely soft with the usage.

But then, the adjustable head and lumbar cushion really adjusted with my body posture. The lumbar cushion is soft but feels bigger than usual. Maybe, it is about body size and posture. But for me, it made me feel a little bumpy in the lumbar area.

Yet no complaints for neck cushioning. It made me feel relaxed each minute while reading and enjoying Netflix sessions.

Overall, the design department decently performs to make it a real deal in the 150$ gaming chair category.

Ergonomics and Practicality:

Practicality-wise, it definitely can make you stun. I mean, don’t you feel a weight limit of up to 440 pounds is overpowered here? Sure, making it “Highly” suitable for individuals of plus sizes, many premium chairs don’t reach to this level. Full marks to weight bearing capacity!

From 120-degree recline to adjustable footrest to 3” height adjustment, the standards of ergonomic power are quite high. I had long Netflix sessions, reading books and taking short naps, the chair let me immerse myself well for mid-range sessions.

However, I don’t complain but it would have been a nice punch to see a 2D adjustable armrest setup. Yes, the armrests are fixed, which limits the adjustability according to personal preferences. Again, this may not be a deal-breaker considering the chair’s affordability, it can be a slight downside for users who prefer adjustable armrests. With that limitation, the chair’s overall comfort may wane slightly over time for marathon gaming sessions.

Overall, from beginner to intermediate-casual gamers, this 150$ gaming is definitely a robust option to fulfill their purpose without breaking the bank.

  • Humongous weight capacity above 400lbs
  • Decent aesthetics and sport seat
  • Smooth reclining feature without any squeak
  • The padding is decently soft
  • Adjustable lumbar and neck cushion elevates the comfort level for multi-purpose sitting
  • Almost every part is separate and needs assembly
  • Armrests are fixed

Alternatives to YSSOA:

MoNiBloom Gaming Chair

  • Highly Ergonomic with 180-degree recline
  • Relatively good looking
  • Feels more premium

While this doesn’t come close to the 440lbs weight limit, this certainly does better at aesthetics and reclining abilities. In response to the 120-degree recline, this big boy goes entirely flat with a 165-degree recline. So, if you are the one who spends half of your life on your gaming chair, this one is the perfect solution to your purpose. But be noted; armrests are also fixed here.

3. BestOffice Ergonomic Chair: Best Cheapest Gaming Chair Under $150

2nd Editor's Choice
Office Chair Gaming Chair

Best Selling Points of BestOffice Ergonomic Chair:

  • Absolute Value to Money: For casual and mid-range sitting purposes, it’s an absolute value-to-money with its upholstery quality and seating comfort.
  • Good Reclining Angles: Again, in 100$ pricing, getting a 90-135 degree reclining reach is an excellent feature.
  • Above The Standard Weight Capacity: Though it’s not huge, the 275lbs weight limit is above the standard 250lbs

Who’s It for: Highly tight on budget, Users looking for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift for their loved ones, midrange or casual sitting purposes, non-techies avoiding complex assembly of parts

Why Do We Choose This: Out of all newbie 150$ gaming chairs in the market, here comes the boss.; the Best Office Ergonomic chair. It’s a 100$ chair with all the qualities of a good ergonomic chair. The fairly comfortable seat, good reclining angles, and decent weight capacity under a budget, this hold a strong reputation in the market. However, we largely see it for gifting purposes for your loved and little naughty ones.

Who Should Avoid It: Long sitting hours, professionals, sensitive arms and shoulders

Design and Comfort

If I were to describe my relationship with this chair, I’d liken it to an old vine – it’s reliable, hardy with BIFMA certification, and has a certain charm that endears you to it over time. To be honest, the upholstery, reminiscent of a fine wine, offers a nice finish and quality materials that ensures a comfortable experience for mid-range and casual sitting.

Although, I must admit that it begins to feel a tad stiff when you’re settled in for those long, coffee or red bull-fueled work/gaming sessions. Ah, the life of a modern-day workhorse!

The seat padding, while not plush by any stretch, does a respectable job at making you comfortable. Ask me brutal honesty? The seat, however, does lean on the narrower side, making it a snug fit for my larger counterparts.

And speaking of design, the neck and lumbar cushions are a lovely addition. Soft yet supportive, like a comforting friend after a hard day’s work. I must caution, though, the lumbar cushion may feel a bit grandiose for the shorter fellows amongst us.

So isn’t it pointing towards a perfect gift for loved ones? Yes, this $150 ergonomic gaming chair can be a sweet pick for your naughtiest ones or couple gift for Christmas, anniversary or birthday.

Ergonomics and Adjustability:

BestOffice Ergonomic chair’s beauty isn’t skin deep here; the real magic lies in its practicality and ergonomics.

For a modest $100 investment, the chair performs admirably in ergonomic regards. I personally didn’t expect a 90-135-degree recline in this price range. And in that regard, it felt solid and stable, even at the lowest angle, making me feel secure.

The armrests, while stationary, do their job well enough. But, as the adage goes, ‘you get what you pay for,’ and at this price point, the lack of adjustability in armrest setup is hardly a deal-breaker.

I will, however, mention a slight symphony of squeaks that the chair produces when reclining. It’s almost like a small band playing a tune of protest, although nothing too disconcerting.

In terms of practicality, the chair is more than capable of holding its own. With above the standard 275lbs decent weight limit, accommodating an average user comfortably. My elder brother is about 180lbs and he didn’t find this chair shivering and tumbling while handling his weight. But dimension-wise, a heavier user might find themselves yearning for a more robust seat cushion and wider frame.

So, as I recline in this chair, enjoying the comfort and appreciating the ergonomics, I have to conclude that it is a fine piece of furniture. For now, though, this ‘old vine’ of a chair is growing on me, and I look forward to many comfortable sessions together.

  • Easiest assembly
  • BIFMA certified sturdy build quality
  • Decent padding provide excellent comfort
  • Upholstery and finish doesn’t feel cheap
  • 275lbs decent weight limit
  • Squeaks a bit
  • No footrest

Alternatives to BestOffice Ergonomic Chair:

MoNiBloom Gaming Chair

  • Better Padding and Comfort
  • Goes totally flat with 180 degree recline
  • Nicely padded armrests

With a slightly expensive price tag, it provides better padding at the seat and armrest section. Though it also doesn’t cater to persons over 6 feet, a footrest option fills many loopholes that Bestoffice's ergonomic chair leaves for leg support. Plus, it totally goes flat with a 180-degree recline. So, for the best gaming chair under $150, MoNiBloom ticks many checkboxes.

4. BestOffice Massager: Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Massager

3rd Editor's Choice
BestOffice Racing Office

The Best Selling Points of Best Office Gaming Chair With Massage:

  • Nice soft Cushioning: The sponge cushioning is highly soft and comfortable, so you can easily go above 6+ hours.
  • Good Massaging Options: Though 2 vibrating massagers don’t come closer to any dedicated massage chair, this is good utility under budget.
  • Good Build Quality: As a horse of long race, the build quality is supreme. Many users say this chair doesn’t tear apart even after 5 years.

Who’s it For: For taller guys above 6ft, for hardworking students and gamers, users looking for gaming chairs with frills.

Why Do We Choose This: Out of all the teeny tiny chairs in the league, this is one of the best ergonomic chairs under $150 for taller guys. This great seat pan depth and extensive height adjustment from 19.5” to 23.5” is the reason. And after your busy day at your desk, two vibrating massagers somewhat relieve you without any cost. This adds a bounty to overall comfort.

Who Should Avoid It: Smaller guys under 5.5ft, Looking for highly ergonomic options.

Design and Comfort:

As someone who hovers comfortably above the 6ft mark, I often find myself in the plight of Goldilocks as most chairs are just too small in the $150 gaming chair category. So, imagine my delight when I happened upon this chair, an unapologetically ‘big’ piece that seems to have been designed with the lofty population in mind.

This chair doesn’t merely cater to the tall; it indulges them. With a seat height that ranges from a roomy 19.5″ to a towering 23.2″ and seat dimensions that measure an expansive 21.7″(W)*20.9″(D), it truly is the tall person’s throne. An accommodating sovereign that dares to exclude the usual target audience of under 5.10ft.

However for smaller individuals under 5.5ft they would find this chair extra tall due to the seat height adjustment range. Mostly chairs range from 16-20 inches, this one with exceptional height adjustment setup causes the smaller guy’s feet to hang in the air which isn’t good for long hour sessions.

Well, the comfort level? Well, let’s just say that the chair has an affinity for the number 6. The plush sponge foam cushioning allows you to melt into a state of unrivaled comfort for above 6 hours. Now that’s what I call six-appeal! Furthermore, the neck and lumbar cushions, made of the same material, feel like gentle clouds rather than intrusive bricks against your body.

Overall, the chair design and material qualities lock the comfort even for upper-midrange siting hours.

Adjustability and Practicality:

Now, while the chair may not boast all the ergonomic bells and whistles some chairs do, it sings its own unique tune. And let me tell you, this tune vibrates! Yes, this chair comes equipped with not one, but two vibrating massagers. On a busy day, it’s like having your own personal masseuse on call – a blessing in the disguise of a chair! And the cost? Absolutely nada!

However, don’t expect too much with tiny vibrators as it won’t mimic deep tissue massage. They are there just to give you a touch of pain relievers for your fatigued back.

Despite its colossal size, this chair is quite the limber giant, reclining anywhere between 90 and 135 degrees. Quite the range, I must say! But it would have been nice to go beyond 150-degrees.

However, as in all fairy tales, there’s always a slight hiccup. The armrests. They remain stationary, offering little adjustability. And being plastic and small, they are the runts in this litter of otherwise grand features.

In conclusion, if you’re above 6ft and in the market for a chair that’s like a cloud with a built-in massage feature, look no further. But remember, the armrests might not share the same grandeur as the rest of the chair. Nevertheless, this chair makes a giant impression, quite literally and figuratively!

  • Spacious and well-built for tall guys
  • Robust class3 hydraulic manages 250lbs of weight
  • Sponge foam is really comfortable for upper-moderate sitting hours
  • The addition of a footrest leaves nice support for the legs
  • Extensive height range caters to a plentiful audience
  • Armrest are stationary and plastic
  • Doesn’t hold big guys above 250lbs

Alternatives to BestOffice Massager Ergonomic Chair:

Goplus Gaming Chair

  • Adjustable armrest – an exceptional feature
  • Superb weight capacity
  • Oveall better quality and comfort

Best Office gaming chair leaves some weak footprints with adjustable armrests. This gets filled with the Goplus gaming chair as it has the same spacious seating, extensive height adjustment, and deeper reclining angles, ranging 180 degrees. But things take an opposite turn as this chair possesses adjustable armrests where Best Office lags. And adding more shame to its opponent, the Go plus gaming chair can hold up to 330lbs of weight.

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