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What Chair Does Shroud Use? – Shroud Gaming Setup 

For those who enjoy streaming and gaming, Michael Grzesiek, known as Shroud, is a household name. This popular Canadian streamer and former professional player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has amassed over 6.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and around 10.5 million followers on his Twitch Channel.

Shroud has become famous for playing first-person shooter and battle royale games such as Counter-Strike, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, and Valorant. As a professional gamer, Shroud spends a lot of time sitting on his gaming chair. But what chair does Shroud use? 

Shroud’s current gaming chair is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Previously, he was using the Maxnomic 9 Pro Gaming Chair. As the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is more ergonomic, Shroud now uses it for gaming. But, you may wonder, is it worth the hefty price tag? Continue reading to learn more about the main features of the Aeron Chair and why it has been generating such a hype in the gaming community.

What Chair Does Shroud Use? – Advantages and Drawbacks of Shroud’s Chair

Being a gamer, you know that sitting in front of your PC for hours on end can take a toll on your body. So, it’s essential to have a comfortable and ergonomic gaming chair that supports your posture and reduces the risk of back pain. And Shroud seems to have found the perfect chair for his gaming sessions.

Shroud currently uses the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, which is one of the most popular chairs in the market. Previously, he used the Maxnomic 9 Pro Gaming Chair, but he switched to the Aeron Chair because of its superior ergonomic features. Now, you might be wondering, is it worth the hype and the hefty price tag? Let’s find out.

Advantages of Shroud’s Gaming Chair

Here are some reasons why Shroud loves Aeron Chair by Herman Miller; 

Best Ergonomic Features

The Aeron Chair comes with features like good lumbar support, posture correction, increased circulation, tilt mechanism, and adjustable armrests. The PostureFit SL mechanism in the Aeron Chair helps gamers sit with their back’s natural S shape alignment, while the high-density foam supports the lower back. Plus, the waterfall-like design of the chair maintains blood flow to the rest of your body.

Highly Customizable

The Aeron Chair is highly customizable, making it an excellent fit for gamers of all sizes. It comes with a Tilt Mechanism, PostureFit SL Mechanism, Movable Armrests, and Seat Angle Adjustment. The leaf spring in the tilt mechanism adjusts snugly as you move while gaming, and the PostureFit SL Mechanism corrects your spine when sitting for long hours. The movable armrests are designed to move with you, and the seat angle adjustment provides the right angle for adjusting the seat.

Minimalistic Design

The Aeron Chair comes with a simple and minimalistic design that is not bulky and heavy like other gaming chairs. The metal frame is designed according to the natural curve of the human body, eliminating the need for unnecessary padding or cushioning. All these features make the Aeron Chair weigh just 39 pounds, while the regular gaming chair weighs around 52 pounds.

Color Variety and Multiple Sizes

Depending on your preferences, the Aeron Chair is available in different colors, making it an excellent fit for any gaming space. It is also available in three sizes to accommodate users of various body types.

Cross-Performance Design and Easy Shifting and Adjustments

The Shroud gaming chair from Herman Miller is designed to adjust your posture as needed during the day, making it perfect for a range of activities like gaming and working. The waterfall edge of the chair ensures comfort, while the 8Z Pellicle material fights humidity by allowing water vapor, body heat, and air to pass directly through. The tilt lock on the front tilt mechanism secures the backrest in a completely upright, mid, and full recline position.

High-Quality Materials and Herman Miller Customer Support

In addition to its better ergonomics, the 8Z Pellicle material is what has made the Aeron Chair a best-seller. Herman Miller provides full support for the life of the chair, including a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a 12-year warranty on all of their products.

Drawbacks of Shroud’s Gaming Chair

Is Shroud’s Gaming Chair really worth the hype? Well, before you splurge on the Herman Miller Aeron Chair like Shroud, it’s important to consider its drawbacks as well. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Expensive Price Tag

One of the most significant drawbacks of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is its price. At $1255, it is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum for gaming chairs. Additionally, if a buyer wants any customizations, they will be charged an additional $200-$300 on top of the base price. This can be a significant deterrent for those who are not willing to spend a lot of money on a gaming chair.

While the Aeron Chair is an investment in one’s health and comfort, it may not be the best option for beginners or casual gamers. There are many other gaming chairs available that come with a lower price tag while still providing similar features.

Lack of Lumbar Support

Another drawback of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is its lack of lumbar support. Unlike other gaming chairs, this chair does not come with neck or lumbar pillows. Instead, it is designed with a PostureFit SL mechanism that aims to support the natural shape of the spine.

However, if the user is not within the size range of the chair or does not find the PostureFit SL mechanism comfortable, the lack of lumbar support can become a significant issue. Some users may also find the metal frame to be hard on their backs, causing discomfort after prolonged use.

Limited Adjustability

While the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is highly adjustable, it still has some limitations. For example, the armrests can only be adjusted up and down, but not forward or backward. Additionally, the backrest tilt can only be adjusted within a certain range.

These limitations can make the chair less customizable for some users who may have specific needs. However, the Aeron Chair still provides a range of adjustments that should satisfy most users.

Is Shroud’s Gaming Chair Worth the Investment?

Are you pondering over whether investing in a Shroud chair is a wise decision? Let me help you make up your mind.

In my opinion, it is absolutely worth it! The chair may come with a hefty price tag, but it’s worth the investment considering its durability and the envy it’ll evoke in your friends. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to emulate your favorite streamer and bask in the glory of owning a Shroud chair.

If you’re still in a dilemma about whether to break the bank, here are some reasons why a Shroud chair is worth considering:

  1. Longevity: The chair is built to last, and you can expect it to serve you for years, making it a great value for your money.
  1. Versatility: Even if you’re not an avid gamer, you can use the chair as your office or study furniture, giving you even more value for your investment.
  1. Shroud’s Choice: Shroud has tried and tested various gaming chairs and has settled on the Herman Miller Aeron chair. This chair is a perfect blend of comfort and ergonomics, which has enabled Shroud to spend long hours streaming without straining his back.

However, if you’re still hesitant about investing so much in a chair, you can always go for cheaper alternatives or check out the gaming chairs used by PewDiePie or Sodapoppin. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Alternatives of Shroud’s Gaming Chair

If you’re a fan of Shroud but can’t justify the high price tag of his gaming chair, don’t worry! There are plenty of other options on the market that offer similar features and comfort at a more affordable price. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

Secretlab Omega Series

The Secretlab Omega Series is a popular choice among gamers and streamers alike. It features a high-density foam padding, adjustable lumbar support, and a multi-tilt mechanism that allows you to find the perfect angle for your body. The chair is also customizable with various color options and materials.

Noblechairs Hero Series

The Noblechairs Hero Series is another excellent option that provides maximum comfort and durability. The chair is made with high-quality materials and features a spacious design that accommodates users of all sizes. It also comes with adjustable armrests, a lumbar pillow, and a neck pillow for added support.

GT Racing GT099 Gaming Chair

The GT Racing GT099 Gaming Chair is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on comfort or style. It has a sleek racing-style design, adjustable armrests, and a reclining backrest that can tilt up to 170 degrees. The chair is also made with high-quality materials and comes with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.


So, what chair does Shroud use? Shroud’s current gaming chair is the ever-popular Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Herman Miller Aeron Chair is undoubtedly an excellent choice for professional gamers or anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer screen. Its ergonomic design and superior comfort make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize their health and well-being. 

However, its high cost may not be feasible for everyone, and there are several other alternatives available in the market that can offer similar features at a lower price point. Ultimately, it is essential to consider your budget, body type, and specific needs while choosing a gaming chair that can provide optimal comfort and support during extended periods of sitting.


What chair do most streamers use?

Most of the streamers use Herman Miller gaming chairs that are specifically made for comfort and durability. One of their latest models, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody, is a premium gaming chair designed with an adjustable and ergonomic fit, ensuring you can sit comfortably for hours. Available in two colors, black & cyan or black & white, it’s not just stylish, but built to last with maximum comfort and durability in mind.

What chair does Ninja use?

Richard Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, has used several chairs throughout his career, including a Maxnomic Commander S III and a Secretlab Titan. However, he currently uses the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, which is highly ergonomic and has a sleek design. The chair’s PostureFit SL technology provides support for the spine and keeps the body in a healthy position during long gaming sessions.

What chairs do CSGO pros use?

Secretlab and Herman Miller gaming chairs are the most popular among most CSGO pros. However, they also use chairs by some other brands such as Secretlab, DXRacer, AKRacing, and Maxnomic. All these chairs are designed to provide comfort, support, and adjustability, which are essential for long hours of gaming. Some pros even have custom-branded chairs that are specifically designed for them by their sponsors.

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